Baycats Make Jax Batting Gloves Official Batting Glove of Baycats

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today a partnership to make Jax Batting Gloves the official batting gloves of the Baycats.

Jax Batting Gloves -- owned by former Baycat Marc Bestman -- will create custom-made batting gloves for all Baycat players to wear at home and on the road.

Bestman's company is also the only batting glove company on the market that that contains technology specifically designed to benefit hitters in both protection and performance. The web technology provides hitters with the ideal top handgrip, by guiding and securing the bat handle towards the fingers of the hand. This reduces barrel dump and increases barrel control and bat speed. The web also keeps the bat away from injury-prone areas of the hand while reducing high-impact vibrations. 

Baycats manager Josh Matlow said this is an important partnership for the Baycats as they look to revamp their on-field look heading into next season.

“I’m thrilled to be able to connect again with Marc after all these years. As former Baycats, I was fortunate enough to win a championship with the Baycats in 2005 with Marc, and having everything come full circle is just great to see. Having Marc and Jax Batting Gloves apart of the organization moving forward is a true testament to the organization and the quality of people it has produced over the years.”

Bestman -- who played with the Baycats from 2004-2005 and was thus on the Baycats' 2005 championship-winning squad said it is great to reunite with the Baycats once again. 

“It’s an honour to work with Josh and the Baycats organization. I have a lot of great memories and met a lot of great people during my tenure there and I truly looking forward to this partnership”

You can visit Jax Batting Gloves by clicking here and you can follow them on Instagram @JaxBattingGloves.

You will also be able to buy a pair of your own batting gloves on our online shop in the coming weeks.

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