Baycats Announce "Baycats 20/20 Vision: The Past, Present, and Future"

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today "Baycats 20/20 Vision: The Past, Present, and Future."

Over the next 20 weeks, we will be unveiling our "Top 20 Baycats of All-Time List," and we will be reflecting on all seven of our championships, as well as highlighting the important people behind-the-scenes of our organization.

You will hear from team owner Gary Inskeep, current and former management members such as David Mills, Josh Matlow, Angus Roy, and Doug Dimma, current and former players such as Paul Spoljaric, Jordan Castaldo, Kyle DeGrace, and Ryan Rijo, as well as the volunteers who are the heartbeat of the Baycats organization, such as team announcer Mike Clark and team photographer Brian Backland. 

It all starts this Monday when we unveil our  "Top 20 Baycats of All-Time List."

For our full series schedule, click here.

For more information, follow the Baycats on Facebook and Twitter at @iblbaycats and on Instagram at @barriebaycats. 

Photo: Brian Backland/Brian Backland Photography