Baycats Announce 2021 Roster

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today our 2021 roster ahead of our season opener tomorrow night against the Hamilton Cardinals.


1. Juan Benitez

2. Chris Cox 

3. Hunter Campese 

4. Jaspreet Shergill (*)


5. Brandon Hillier 

6. Evan Soules

7. Kevin Millar

8. Max Lojko 

9. Lucas Earle 

10. Aidan Rossel

11. Mason Roberston 


12. Anthony Quirion (*)

13. Tyler Plumpton 

14. Parker Walker


15. Ryan Rijo 

16. Darius Barlas

17. Royce Ando (*)

18. Marcel Lacasse

19. Carson Burns

20. Jalir Betancourt Lopez

21. Mike Cecchetto


22. Jeff Cowan

23. Jake Wilson (*)

24. Branfy Infante

25. Noel McGary-Doyle 

26. Kenny Di Clemente

27. James Anderson 

(*) denotes that the player will be joining us sometime after opening day.

*The Baycats remain hopeful that we will be able to bring imports into the country at some point throughout the season*

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