by Sam Aucoin

BRANTFORD – A missed opportunity could be used to describe this game. Most people thought that a 20-15 Red Sox win on July ninth would be a one-off. But after a 14-9 Sox victory today, that is no longer the case. 

For the Baycats, nine runs is still a good offensive showing but there were many missed chances to drive in runs. Noel McGarry-Doyle and Hayden Jaco did most of the work for the Barrie offense. Both Jaco and McGarry-Doyle had three hits. Malik Williams added a pair of runs batted in.

Three separate innings of three runs for Barrie and that was it. The Baycats did have the lead twice, once in the first inning and the other in the fourth inning. It was a seven-run fifth inning for Brantford that put the game away. 

The pitching situation was an interesting one. Aidan Rossel started and went three and two-thirds. Then Josh Tibbits made his pitching debut, one that he would probably want back but it was still quite interesting to see both sides of Josh’s game. Christian Mullen also got into the contest, his first since May 21st. Mullen tossed two and two-thirds. 

With the loss, The Baycats are now 23-11 on the season.

NEXT UP: The Barrie Baycats continue their road trip and will head to Guelph on Tuesday for a 7:30 pm matchup at Hastings Stadium. You can buy road tickets here