Baycats Release Protocols for Summer Camps

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today a series of protocols that have been put in place for our summer camps scheduled for this month.

For full details regarding our summer camps, scheduled for the weeks of July 19th and July 26th, click here.

General Requirements

• Everyone is to bring their own baseball glove, lunch, and water bottle. No sharing is allowed. Each camp participant is to have their own individual meal or snack with absolutely no food sharing. Physical distancing within and between cohorts will be in effect while eating/drinking.

• Water fountain use is for refilling camp staff and participants’ personal water bottles and disposable cups only; no drinking from the fountain directly. Each camp participant must have their own drinking bottle (or has access to disposable cups) that is labeled, kept with them during the day, and not shared.

• Equipment such as bats or balls will be cleaned and disinfected frequently. After activity use. Required at least twice daily.

• Frequent hand washing using soap and water during snack/water breaks.

• Consistent cohorts (with assigned staff members) who stay together throughout the duration of the program will be in effect. Cohorts (groups) must stay together throughout the day and week.

• Cohorts should physical distance as much as possible. Activities throughout the day will consist of lines with distancing to wait their turn.

• Cohorts (children with their assigned staff) must not mix with other cohorts. (Including pick-ups and drop-offs, mealtimes, before and aftercare, playtime, and outdoor activities)

• Each cohort will have their own shared equipment, balls, bats, activity equipment that only that assigned cohort will use and be disinfected throughout the day.

• Baycats Summer Camps will have a 1:10 ratio from staff to campers. Half the size of the recommended group size. Masks are permitted, but not required.


• Passive screening will be achieved by posting signs at the entrance/reception areas.

• Pick-up of camp participants will be done out front of the campgrounds with cohorts spread out.

• All adults (i.e., parents/guardians and visitors) are required to wear a non-medical mask while inside the premises and maintain 2 metres of physical distancing outdoors, including in the pickup/drop-off areas.

• At home prior to arrival, or upon arrival at program setting prior to entry the following screening must be completed and shown to camp staff upon arrival:


*Note: Camp participants, staff, or visitors who are ill and do not pass the active screening to attend the program will not be permitted onto the campgrounds.

Screening of Day Camp Staff

• Day camp operators will actively screen camp staff before they enter the day camp setting at the start of their shift. Day camps are required and will maintain a record that screening has been completed for each staff member daily.

• All camp operators and staff members have been vaccinated.
• PPE, Sanitation products as well Hand Sanitizer will be readily available on-site for the entire week.

We thank you for your patience and understanding of these protocols as our main objective is to keep everyone participating safely.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!