ARCHIVE: Barrie Baycats @ London Majors (June 19, 2022)

The Barrie Baycats are on the road today to face off against the London Majors! Today's broadcast is airing on MajorsTV and is produced by the London Majors. The lead commentators for the London Majors are Noah Smith and Dylan Baker. You can learn more about their broadcast team here.

The game will begin at 1:05 PM ET. You can follow along on Pointstreak here.

HIGHLIGHT: Carson Burns hits a solo home run to make it 1-0 in the second inning
HIGHLIGHT: Malik Williams hits his first home run as a Baycats player to make it 6-1 in the fifth inning
HIGHLIGHT: Owen Jansen hits his first home run of the year to give Baycats 13-7 lead

Baycats Lineup
CF #15 Jake Wilson
LF #95 Noel McGarry-Doyle
1B #28 Malik Williams
C #34 James Anderson
SS #3 Carson Burns
DH #5 Michael Cecchetto
3B #17 Brendan Colley
2B #14 Owen Jansen
RF #8 Mike Duwyn
SP #51 Adam Khan

Majors Lineup
CF #38 Jacob Newton
LF #14 Drew Lawrence
DH #35 Cleveland Brownlee
C #25 Robert Mullen
RF #7 Starling Joseph
1B #29 Taylor Wright
SS #12 Keith Kandel
3B #19 Gibson Krzeminski
2B #6 Chris McQueen
SP #43 Owen Boon