Baycats Selling "Not Cancelled" by Catherine Kenwell

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club is excited to announce that we will be selling "Not Cancelled" -- a book recently co-authored by Baycats volunteer Catherine Kenwell -- on our online shop as a fundraiser with Barrie Native Friendship Centre.

Not Cancelled is a collection of non-fiction essays from across Canada during the pandemic lockdown in early 2020. In "Not Cancelled", the reader will find narratives, reflections, past-tense and present-tense essays, polished literary pieces, and stories from newly minted writers who are sharing their soul the best they can. Like the wood grain of a plank from a maple tree, there are various textures, colours, and veins. But together, they make the perfect whole, just like the country its leaf represents.

All proceeds will go to BNFC, who offer a number of community programs, and it is the liaison between the Indigenous community and the Barrie public at large.

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And to buy Kenwell's book, click here

You can also view CTV's segment on the book here

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