Baycats Announce Online Shop

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today that we are introducing an online shop in partnership with Starting Lineup Uniforms & Apparel.

The shop will launch on July 10th.

Baycats President David Mills said this is a game-changer for the Baycats.

“Over our 20 years of operation, we have lacked an online shop for merchandising Baycats apparel. We receive many requests for Baycats merchandise, especially during the off-season and have been unable to fill those orders. This new partnership with Starting Lineup Uniforms and Apparel will not only provide an avenue for our fans but will also provide new and exciting apparel along with other associated baseball items both online and at the ballpark”.

Baycats general and field manager Josh Matlow explained how this all came together and emphasized what this means for the fans.

"We are thrilled to have connected with Starting Lineup Uniforms & Apparel. They are not only Baycats fans but local to the Simcoe County area. The partnership will allow Baycats fans to have access to a plethora of Baycats apparel from jerseys and hoodies to hats and collectables. We think the fans will love the newly designed apparel including 20th-anniversary limited edition items as well as retro throwbacks. We are also proud to partner with a local business, something that is very important to the organization."

For more information, follow the Baycats on Facebook and Twitter at @iblbaycats and on Instagram at @barriebaycats and follow @shopbaycats on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks of products leading up to the July 10th launch.