Baycats Announce All Home Games Will Be Broadcast Live on Youtube

by Ryan Eakin

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats Baseball Club announced today that all of our home games will be broadcast live on our official Youtube channel --Baycats TV -- throughout the 2021 season.

With games having not been broadcasted to the public since the 2014 season, our organization has worked vigorously since the pandemic began to make this possible for the 2021 season and every season that follows.

Included in our broadcasts will be pregame and postgame analysis with Baycats Media Director Ryan Eakin and the rest of our broadcast crew -- which will be announced later on in the offseason.

Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking here, as game broadcasts will just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of content that we will be producing from here-on-out.

Starting next month, we will be introducing our brand new podcast called "Baycats Banter," while we will also be hosting our first-ever live press conference from Coates Stadium to make a special announcement.

For dates and times on those events and every event that will follow, remember to follow the Baycats on Facebook and Twitter at @iblbaycats and on Instagram at @barriebaycats.

Baycats President David Mills says it will be great to have Baycats' game broadcast live for the first time in over half a decade.

"Once again, the Baycats will be providing not only great listening but live-action viewing for our fans of all our home games in 2021.  We were the first team in the IBL to have online broadcasts with Dante DeCaria and Ben Shulman performing those duties. For next season, however, we will be presenting "web-televised" games with all the sounds and play action as the game happens. We are excited to take advantage of technology to bring exciting action to not only Baycats fans but all IBL fans."

Baycats manager Josh Matlow said this is an important step for the franchise.

"This is just one of the many things we are doing this offseason to make the games more accessible for the fans to follow the season and the team. 

"We feel this is a huge step in the right direction to bringing Baycats Baseball to local television, something we have in our immediate plans."

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