Barrie Baycats 2022 Opening Day Guide

by Patrick Melbourne

Barrie Baycats baseball is back - and we’re so happy to welcome everyone back to the ballpark to enjoy the games once again this season. The 2022 season is going to be an exciting one, and it all gets started on Opening Day! On May 19, 2022, the Toronto Maple Leafs are in town to face off against the Baycats. The game will begin at 7:30 PM Eastern Time at Vintage Throne Stadium (new name, same stadium).


This season’s projected batting orders include many returning stars, such as Ryan Rijo and 2021 first-team All-Star Jake Wilson. In the outfield, the team has Wilson, Noel McGarry-Doyle, Branfy Infante, and James Anderson on the Opening Day roster. Both Infante and Starlin Rodriguez, joining the team soon, are expected to play both infield and outfield during this season.

Across the infield, there are both new and returning players to watch out for. One of the league’s best middle infields is returning this season with Carson Burns as the primary shortstop and Royce Ando as the primary second baseman. Ryan Rijo returns to the team as the primary first baseman, and the Baycats are happy to welcome Adam Odd, Brendan Colley, and Domenico Morea to the team as additional infielders. 

Fans can also expect to see Michael Cecchetto and Mike Duwyn back in the batting order this season.

Tyler Plumpton and Anderson enter the season as the catchers for the Barrie Baycats.


With the full return of “import players” to the IBL this season, the Baycats rotation looks significantly different than in previous seasons. Returning to the team after a fantastic 2018 with the Baycats, Frank Garcés is looking to be one of the league’s best pitchers once again. Juan Benítez, an IBL second-team All-Star pitcher with Barrie in 2021, returns to the team as well. The Opening Day starter will be Jayson Aquino, a left-hander who has five pitches. Aquino has MLB experience and the team’s excited to have him as their first starting pitcher of the season - Baycats president Josh Matlow mentioned previously how he was excited to have Aquino as an ace and a mentor to younger arms.

Marshall Leishman is also back in 2022, likely to be the fourth starter in the team’s rotation. The bullpen is set to include first-year Baycats Dalton Brownlee and Adam Khan, as well as returning pitchers in Brad Grieveson, Chris Cox, Riley Hoover, Brandon Hillier, Max Lojko, Evan Soules, and Aidan Rossel. Grieveson, who returned to the team as a player/coach last season, also started a few games in 2021.


PITCHERS: Jayson Aquino, Juan Benítez, Dalton Brownlee, Chris Cox, Frank Garcés, Brad Grieveson, Brandon Hillier, Riley Hoover, Adam Khan, Marshall Leishman, Max Lojko, Aidan Rossel, Evan Soules

CATCHERS: James Anderson, Tyler Plumpton

INFIELDERS: Royce Ando, Carson Burns, Michael Cecchetto, Brendan Colley, Mike Duwyn, Owen Jansen, Domenico Morea, Adam Odd, Ryan Rijo, Starlin Rodriguez

 OUTFIELDERS: Branfy Infante, Noel McGarry-Doyle, Jake Wilson


The Toronto Maple Leafs and their powerful lineup is in town to challenge the Baycats. Former Baycats star Jordan Castaldo has re-signed with the team for this season, and he walked twice in Toronto’s season opener against the London Majors.

Toronto’s playing this season in memory of their longtime owner Jack Dominico, who passed away earlier this year. As a thank you to Jack, who is one of the most influential and important people in Canadian baseball history, the Baycats will be playing with a Jack Dominico sticker on our helmets this season.