Roy Tossed as Feisty Red Sox Upset Baycats

by Ryan Eakin

MIDHURST - Flat all night.

The Brantford Red Sox defeated the Barrie Baycats 8-4 on Tuesday evening to improve to 4-23 on the regular season.

With the loss, the Baycats fall to 19-7 on the regular season.

Red Sox starting pitcher Michael Bannon recorded the win, tossing five innings while giving up three earned runs on six hits and two walks while striking out one batter along the way.

Red Sox centre fielder Austin Wilkie led the way at the plate, going one-for-three with a grand slam.

His grand slam put the Red Sox up 8-4 in the top of the eighth inning.

Baycats reliever Brad Bissell took the loss.


BARRIE - 4-11-2

BIGGEST PLAY OF THE GAME: With the bases loaded and no one out in the top of the eighth inning, Wilkie's grand slam home run was all the Red Sox needed this evening.

NEWS AND NOTES FROM THE GAME: After Baycats shortstop Conner Morro was called out on strikes in the top of the ninth inning, Baycats general and field manager Angus Roy confronted the home plate umpire, leading to an expletive led rant that had to be drained out by music.

Upset at a strike three call that was a pitch in the dirt, Roy's ejection is his second this season.

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY FROM THE GAME: There's no easy opponent in the IBL.

Down and out to begin the season, the Red Sox have won three of their last six since firing manager Kevin Hussey.


On the Red Sox: "They got good, young energy," said Baycats outfielder Glenn Jackson. "They carry themselves well on the field and like any team, they are going to be a challenge.

"It's just how it goes sometimes. I think we need these losses sometimes. This is a part of the schedule where if you're winning ten out of ten you're lucky, so everyone is grinding right now. 

"It is what it is. We are back at it tomorrow in Brantford and then Thursday we are back here against the good old Leafs, so we'll be fine."

More on the Red Sox: "Every now and then someone is going to get pumped, but overall this league is full of good arms," said Jackson. "Their lefty out of the pen (Mike Mueller) worked hard tonight man. That is what I feel is the difference. Whole new wave of young players.

"Their shortstop (Luis Perez) is out here looking like Ozzie Albies, I like that. 

On their busy week: "It's going to be what it's going to be," said Jackson. "We just need to have energy and I don't think we had it tonight. Sometimes the grind gets to you and I believe that in this game of baseball, it's the type of game where if you bring the right energy, come out with the right intent and purpose, it's tough to lose and that's exactly what Brantford did.

"Their starter grinded, their batters worked counts and they got a big knock off a slider. That's just life.

"As for the umpiring, homeboy is trying out there. Nobody is perfect in this world. I don't think he came up here trying to screw us by any means. Everybody does their best and I'll just leave it at that. You can't harm anybody.

But man, in the end I believe we'll be there. When the lights are on, that is when the truth is told. Look at the Golden State Warriors in '16. 73 wins in the regular season and then they run into LeBron up 3-1. Such is life.

"That's how life goes. I believe we'll be good, Eak. I do."

NEXT UP: Tomorrow, the Baycats look for revenge against the Red Sox.

First pitch from Brantford is scheduled for 7:30 PM

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Photo: RJ Rose/SOAR Photography